Pascha, Parish Slava of St. Nikolai Velimirovich, and Feast of St. Basil of Ostrog

Saturday, 05.11.2013
Santiago de Chile

Last week, our parish of St.Nikolai of Serbia celebrated three feasts: Pascha, our parish “slava” of St. Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich and the day of St.Basil of Ostrog.

Many members of our community came on Pascha of our Lord Jesus Christ, together with few Russians and Chileans who are already became inseparable part of our parish. All believers have done all they could to help a first celebration of Pascha of Serbian Orthodox Church in Chile. After liturgy had been organized a rich lunch in the hall of St. Mary Church of the Anthiochian Patriarchate, where Father Dusan, Rector of our parish, serves every Saturday. Lunch passed in a festive and cordial atmosphere.

The following Saturday we celebrated the first parish “slava” of our community in Santiago. Since our services happen only on Saturdays, it was decided to merge two celebrations which happen in the same week, the feasts of St.Nikolai of Serbia and St.Basil of Ostrog. A housefather of the first parish “slava” was Dragoslav Sljukic with his family. After Holy Liturgy, the slava’s cake was cut. Celebration was increased with the presence of Fr. Francisco, Rector of St. Mary Church, and Mr. Damir Solar, a honored consul of Serbia, who came with his family.

All who were present expressed their desire that, with the help of God and good Serbs wherever they live, our parish of St.Nikolai will one day have its own church and parish house where all our people, as well as other Orthodox in Santiago, could meet, enjoy fellowship, and glorify our Lord and His saints.

Parish St.Nikolai of Serbia

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